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About us

Our non-profit "Association of Kurdish Doctors in Germany" was established in 2011 to support Kurdish people with medical care in both their home country and Germany. We only pursue humanitarian and no political goals.


We respect every religious beliefs, political opinion and party membership.

We respect the religious belief, the party political opinion and membership of each group.

Our tasks are:

  • Education regading the German health care system
  • Training sessions for physicians and other medical professionals
  • Cooperation with the responsible health authorities, professional organizations and individuals in form of advice, experience and acquisition of medical equipment, instruments and drugs
  • Participation in international medical projects and support of science and research as well as creation of medical publications and promotion of Kurdish language as a language of science
  • Health-promoting measures for the Kurdish population (eg. vaccination awareness, education about infectious diseases, screening and preventive medicine)
  • Cooperation with other medical organizations at home and abroad
  • Promotion of health care to the people living in Kurdistan through contact, expert advice and practical support of medical facilities in Kurdistan
  • Helping to build a medical infrastructure in Kurdistan
  • Informing the European public about the highly inadequate medical care and support of sick people in the Kurdish regions, as well as collecting donations to finance the above tasks

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